Wednesday, 6 March 2013

It's my Birthday and I'll plug if I want to

Yes dear readers, it is my birthday today. I'm once again slightly closer to 30 then I was the year before and by all appearances may be becoming a full grown adult...

...Ok, maybe not.

That right there is so far among my best Birthday presents ever and was painted by hand by my best friend, Ami. Therefore I am planning to use my tiny slice of the internet to shamelessly plug his artwork. If anyone is interested in something similar (or a 'Viking Batman' which was my other option)  then get in touch through the button on the right or in the comments and I'll see if I can twist his arm for monies.

Right! In other news, while I'm making merry and celebrating the biological achievement of existing there's also this brand spanking new Iron Man 3 trailer. Let's take a moment to drink it in.

So we have more of Tony Stark feeling sorry for himself, though at least this time achknowledging that he has no idea why (must be tough on his giant money bed). There's also an increasingly Authoritarianism vs. Terrorism streak starting to develop.

This has allready been touched on a bit in the earlier films with Tony acting as the Avatar of the military industrial complex while his foes go to increasingly elaborate, desperate or evil lengths to oppose him. The idea of a hardline Rumspheldtian President being able to use War Machine (Iron Patriot in the film) to further his case is kind of wonderful and incredibly terrifying, while Ben Kingsley continues to prove that he wasn't hugged enough as a child with what's shaping up to be another classic role as a villain.

Overall, pretty psyked for my birthday, my present and the new film!

Until next time friends, let us say Skål! and drink together...

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