Monday, 3 December 2012

Hwaet and other greetings

Hello and welcome to the fires of my mead-hall, perched precariously as it is amongst the wilderness of the 'net. This will be the place where I talk about things I find interesting, as the more astute amongst you may already surmise this largely consists of two things: Vikings and Games. After all, what is the internet for if not beardy men and video games?

I suppose a little bit about myself is customary, I'm a 25 year old Anglo-American who's split my life more or less evenly between a childhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia and an adolescence amongst the windswept moors of the British Isles. I now live in Plymouth which is a good city for a Viking with lots of rivers, a good harbour and some impressive fortifications. Unfortunately it's a less good city to be an aspiring writer and so I spend most of my days as a Purchaser for a small plastics manufacturer.

I first began to love games when I was still in the US and me and my brothers ran Wolfenstein 3D on my parents PC. I kept up a PC presence until I went to University and computer components stopped magically paying for themselves. After that I picked up a 360 and kept right on going. Similarly, I started taking part in Viking reenactments when I was 18 and someone told me I could hit people with a steel axe and not get arrested. I kept it up and still take part whenever I can afford to, donning my mail and helmet and singing drinking songs with the best of them.

In this blog I'm going to try and hammer my twin interests into one mighty blade, along the way trying to show how the Dark Ages and Vikings in particular still effect the way we in the West tell stories and touch on what that means for the stories we tell in Games.

Hopefully some of that will pique the interest of a few of you and you'll come back from more.

Until that happens let us say Skål and drink together.

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