Monday, 3 December 2012

Skyrim: Dragonborn has new details leak

Surprising noone who even glanced at the title of this blog I am a huge Skyrim fan. I also loved Morrowind back in the day (though Oblivion bored me to tears) therefore I could not be more excited to dive into the expanded content on the upcoming DLC 'Dragonborn'.

For those who don't know 'Dragonborn' takes your Skyrim hero to the island of Solstheim which lies between the Nord realm of Skyrim and the Dark-Elf lands of Morrowind. As such it's settlements and people are a mixture of the two and this clash of cultures along with the more outlandish fantasy touches of Vvardenfell (the region of Morrowind the game was set in) looks to make this a fantastic DLC.

The DLC launches tomorrow but Eurogamer has details of a supposed leak, alot of sites are tagging it as spoilers but I don't think there's much here we didn't already know. I'm going to go through the points that interest me most but anyone who wants the full article can click here.

  • Yes you can ride them now, this hasn't been of much interest to me as my Nord warrior is a footman through and through, I don't even ride horses very often. Still I'm betting there's more then one Pern fan out there drooling for this option.
  • There's also a unspecified number of new Dragon types to encounter and the below screenshot of a purple looking lizard might be one of them. Then again it could just be something from the endless run of PC mods.

 Weapons and Armour:

  • There's a slew of new armour types mentioned in the Eurogamer piece and most have been speculated on before, back when the files for the new DLC were unearthed in patch code. Along with Stahlrim and Morag-Tong sets returning from Morrowind it looks like we're getting a set of 'Heavy Carved Nord Armour'. I'm hoping this follows the aesthetic of the Nord Gauntletts and cuffed boots in Skyrim as I love the Celt/Norse engraving on these sets.
  • Looks like Spears got the heave-ho despite lots of anticipation. Personally I can understand the interest, after all Spears are the single most common weapon of mankind (we still use them today as a bayonet on a rifle is pretty much a blade on a stick) however, as a reenactor I've always found spears effective but incredibly boring to watch. Sure if you go Troy on it and swing them around it looks amazing but from a Game point of view you may as well have an axe.

  • I'm not a wizard guy but I know alot of people are so I'll put the list below. All I will say is thank god they brought in water walking because swimming is fun and all but there are times when your need to cross a river quickly without being nibbled by slaughterfish.
  • Poison Rune; Whirlwind Cloak; Ash Shell: encase enemies in ash (paralyse) or slow them down with damage; Waterwalking (enchant and spell) and staff enchanting.

There's alot more in the Eurogamer article but for now let me join my voice to the multitude clamouring for release.

Hear the choirs chant! Skål and let us drink together!

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