Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Brief Intermission and Changes to the Blog

Hello! As some of you will be aware yesterday was my last day at a job I had been plugging away at for several years. The more canny reader may have noticed that most of my updates were done during working hours and only on work days. The reason for this is that while I was good at my job and worked with some charming people I often had free time I decided to use creatively.

Now, on Monday I will be starting at my new company and expect a much heavier workload. However, before that I am busily fitting a new kitchen in the Great Hall and as such will be preoccupied for the next several days.

What this means in short is that the blog will have a short intermission for the rest of this week, and pick up again on Monday.

On Monday I will be announcing some changes to the post schedule to better reflect my increased workload.

Thanks to everyone reading this for helping me get this far, and I hope you'll bear with me for the future.

               The Viking Gamer


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