Thursday, 17 January 2013

President Calls for Violent Videogame Study

Obama has made his long-anticipated speech on Gun Control. After talking about further restrictions and possible real gains against irresponsible gun ownership he later issued a call for further study on links between Violent Videogames and real-world Violence.

Frickin' Called It.

Seriously though, the Presidents announcement isn't a great shock after the much-publicised meetings Vice President Biden held. What some people are suprised by is the response of many members of the Industry who welcome the study.

Really, noone should be suprised by that. I think every sane, rational gamer would welcome real scientific research into these accusations if only to disprove them once and for all. What we didn't want was a study demanded by a Congressman who clearly allready had his mind made up and would make sure the researchers did to.

Will Obamas study be any fairer? Well, we'll have to wait and see but for the moment I'm remaining somewhat optimistic.

Let us say Skål! and drink together

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