Friday, 25 January 2013

Trailers, Trailers Everywhere!

So, I was gonna use todays post to talk about the new Elder Scrolls Online trailer and the Beta signups that you can find here.

However, then Gearbox dropped a new Colonial Marines trailer. As we've established, I love me some Colonial Marines. So today we get to have a double-header. First the Elder Scrolls Online trailer and some breakdown, then the newest Colonial Marines trailer and some breakdown.

Here we go:

First things first, the Nord in this is every bit as awesome and Axe-wielding as I could hope. That being said, Cinematic trailers (while pretty) are notoriously untrustworthy when we're talking about Games.

After all, while anyone can make something beautiful to watch these days, it's entirely different to make something that's fun to play. Being Interactive is literally the soul of all Games and while we may not be playing during a Gameplay trailer either, at least we can see how someone else is doing it, and imagine if we would enjoy it ourselves.

That being said, do we need a Gameplay trailer for an MMO? I've got a spoiler for you: There will be pointless quests to collect x amount of y and deliver it to random townsman A. The meat of ESO is supposedly the massive PvP sieges, some of which can be seen in the earlier trailer here.

With that in mind, this cinematic tower-assault makes a bit more sense and is also kind of awesome to watch.

"We're Fighting for the title of biggest Badass in the Galaxy! And I intend to win that Fight!"

This is now my favourite gaming quote of the year (including 2012). Hands down.

Everything we see of Colonial Marines just seems to get better and better, but then again I'm kind of a sucker for this stuff. Maybe it's some latent gene in my American side but if you tell me that there's a game/film/series where human military personnel will be pitted against ruthless aliens in a more realistic firefight then your normal 'Gears of War' style space marine? I'm there.

Battle:LA, Space: Above and Beyond, Aliens vs. Predator (originals) all in my favourite things of all time.

The only thing that does worry me in this trailer is the brief shot of a marine shoving a Xenomorph backwards with his bear hands. That stinks of the AvP reboot from a few years ago and that game sucked like a Dyson.

Still, overall I remain optimistic.

Until next time friends, let us say Skål! and drink together.

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