Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Why did nobody tell me!?

So apparently on September 28th a little announcement slipped onto the internet and none of my gaming friends so fit to mention it.

We're getting a Mount & Blade 2.

For anyone who's now scratching their heads and wondering why I'm so excited about this, Mount & Blade and it's expansion/sequel Warband are Medieval Combat games set in a fantasy world without the magic.

The games focus on leading a band of warriors into battles that include; vicious hand to hand fighting, sieges and some of the most beautifully done mounted combat you'll see in any current game. Horses here are living things; screaming, rearing and tearing through the battlefield both with and without their riders.

Speaking as someone who spends far too much of their real life using medieval weaponry against other people, the original Mount and Blade is by far the best, most fleshed out game of this type ever made.

All we know about the sequel so far is that it's a complete rebuild, with a lot of graphical improvements. As long as the core combat remains the same though I am sure to be a fan.

Until next time, let us say Skål! and drink together.

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