Wednesday, 9 January 2013

SouthingtonSOS *UPDATED 11/1/13*

 *UPDATE: As of the 10th of January 2013 a spokesman has said in the New Britain Herald that the collection is cancelled as the debate they wanted to start was reached. I think this proves my point that they weren't so evil as some said. Link here *

So this has been brewing for a while but seems the collection day is getting closer. Southington, CN is having a video game hand in day where they exchange vouchers for any violent video games brought in and then destroy the games. If this idea sounds familiar it's because the LAPD have done something similar with guns for several years now.

Now, while I find their deliberate attempt to equate games and firearms rather tasteless I don't see this as some kind of public book burning. People are not being stripped of their games, they're free to hand them in and get something out of it. Other people have different views.

Do I think it's a bad idea? Hell yes, misguided, rushed and clearly not very well informed but certainly not the act of some game-hating fascist movement.

I don't want to get too embroiled in this, and I've allready expressed my feelings on the Sandy Hook tragedy, so I'll link you instead to the Penny Arcade Reports rather excellent breakdown of the story:

Sandy Hook tragedy inspires destruction of games: one community’s struggle to find a way to grieve

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